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E - You are an excellent writer. If I dare say it---this mouse tale, ahem, touched me. See? You are bringing life out of death!


Aw, thanks, CH! That's such a sweet sentiment. Hopefully the Mouse Jamboree up in Mouse Heaven agrees with you.


You have no idea how much your blog has helped me cope. I am new to city living and just found that a mouse has been eating through my chips ahoy in my kitchen cabinets and leaving little presents for me all over the kitchen. Being very upset, I searched for extermination and came across your article. It made me laugh and realize that I am not the only one that has to deal with this. I too have never seen a mouse in my 27 years or have been to a funeral.
PS I also had a Lituanian Great Grandfather :)

city mouse

Not your Chips Ahoy! That's the worst. I always feel so violated when they get to the food! Thanks for your comment -- I really do recommend the D-Con snap traps with peanut butter and/or cheese. Also, stopping up any cracks and crevices with steel wool. Also, peppermint oil on cotton balls supposedly serves as a deterrent. Also ... oh, I could go on but you'll get the idea. If you just moved to NYC, you should know that your landlord is technically responsible for keeping your building vermin-free -- this is more theory than reality, but it doesn't hurt to let them know. Good luck :)


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