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What are the animals thinking when they look at us from their enclosures? According to the CPTigers website, at least one fierce leopard is thinking "which part of her should I eat now and which part should I save for later?" Every human should have the (safe) experience of realizing how we are just fancy, biopedal meat to many of our fellow Earthlings!


Fancy, yummy meat! So true. And those comments you cite remind me of a notable thing about CPT -- they're very adamant about these animals not being pets, being carefully caged, dangerous carnivores who are not naturally friendly with humans and shouldn't be "humanized" as such -- but at the same time they have to give them names, personalities, etc. in order to continue inspiring human interest and donations. It's an interesting line they have to walk -- and as we noted on our visit, the keepers certainly seem to love and personalize these animals.

Ali Khaoua

Oh, no there are still Barbary leopard living in Morocco and Algeria.

Look at the latest IUCN list. ( see link )

The actual number is incertain but a 50-250 number in the Atlas Mountains seems probable.

Ali Khaoua, Fes.

mehdi atlas  _casablanca ,morocco

the is still between 12 and 250 !!!barbary leopard in wild (atlas mountains in morocco,algeria and probably tunisia) and some zoos in the world ... it is not extinct yet but it is CRITICALLY ENDENGERED "CR" !!!! -help this beautiful animal ..:(

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