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Dearest City Mouse,
we country mice renew our invitation for you (and your special friend) to shower us with your Southern/Northwestern charm in our not-yet-sultry environs. You could satisfy your wanderlust and come back to your old stomping grounds at the same time. Plus we have a garden with ripening tomatoes. See you soon?


You had me at "ripening tomatoes." Thanks, country mice! Jet Blue, here we come ...


i will say this: i recently spent a wknd in the catskills -- no taiwan, maybe -- but a 2 hr drive from the city, an easy getaway, and it really felt like a world apart. a bookish friend, a campfire, a bottle of wine. ah. who needs marrakesh?

that said, um, let's go to marrakesh!


wow, did you say "drive"?? Even driving seems so exotic to me lately, right up there with riding camels in the Sahara! I'll have to look into this "Catskills" place I keep hearing about ...

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