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"But this Daily News item pretty much covers all my deepest fears on the subject..."

That article pretty much covers all my deepest reasons for loathing Sting (and his wife)...


But Max, we share the same biology, regardless of ideology!


Sting and his wife may annoy you (they irritate the pants off of me), but they are not yoga. Yoga is a very old (5000 years) form of exercise that incorporates various philosophical and spiritual ideas, depending on the school.
As for bare feet, I have seen some pretty ones, like mine.


pretty feet: oxymoron!


Oh, honey -- I'm with you all the way! Feet are just gross. Having made real stabs at yoga several times in my life, I feel comfortable saying that it's just way too tranquil. Excessive tranquility makes me nervous.


yeah, I thought it was the feet that made me nervous, but you're right, it's the tranquility, too! Thanks, dancing queen!

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