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Wow -- look at that subway graffitti. Amazing.

I wonder how our pictures we take everyday (from our phones, no less) will look in 20 years. Quaint? Ridiculous? Musty?

You know?


Exactly! There's always (at least for me) the sense that the photos I'm taking are *the* truest possible representation of *right now* and forever shall be. But photos even 10-20 years old already seem to have a certain tint or tone that marks them -- aside from the fashions of the day -- as being distinctly *of the past*.

Combine this with the scientific fact (I've read somewhere but lost it) that the quality of light itself may be changing slightly through the ages due to environmental influences, etc. -- and it seems that no matter how sophisticated the technology gets, all photos are destined to seem quaint and faraway after enough time has passed.

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