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miriam's ideas

You need to look at the library's online catalog. Browsing the shelves is great fun at times--this apparently was not one of the times--but if your branch has dumped all the Graham Greene books but the Bloomingdale branch hasn't, you can request it online. Or in person.

As for the er, troubling patrons, every library has those. Think about it; where else can they go that's warm and has a bathroom? But they are supposed to behave themselves. Let the staff know if they are bothering you.


so true, thanks -- I actually do take advantage of the online search and hold; it's pretty slick. Sometimes it requires a bit more planning ahead than I'm capable of (which is not much), though. I think NYorkers are pretty savvy about the reserve thing, which is probably why a lot of the good ones are taken when one attempts to go the spontaneous route!


The only good library in the city is the Donnell library; the Mid-Manhattan is only a distant runner up. All the branch libraries are terrible. But some of the buildings are old so it's worth it to go to them to check out the architecture.

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